S T R A T E G Y -vs- P O W E R

S T R A T E G Y -vs- P O W E R :-

Beyonce sells 828,773 copies of her recent album in just 3 day of its release – and I must mention ‘with zero promotion’, ‘zilch’, ‘keiner’, ‘none’. Well other that than the ‘guess-who’s-back-leak’ onto the internet of a single song.

Nevertheless, how much money will ‘a leak really set-you-back in terms of promotional expense … right … nothing.  Especially when you compare it with the average promotional budget that has been specified by the music industry.

Now would you consider this phenomena (i) Market Power or (ii) an Ingenious Marketing Strategy.

Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’
(Quote by Jef I. Richards)