Cogent Exchange has a highly developed and experienced quality team who has successfully turned around problematic marketing schemes’ and call centers worldwide. Thru the combination of detailed reporting, consentient training and feedback we have developed and maintained a strong ethical sales team and we are always prepared to find a workable marketing solution to any problem. More and more companies are finding the value of allowing a 3rd party company maintain their quality service level. Find out why today.


Listen to call center sales 100%

Bad marketing practices can creep into any company if not monitored closely, which can lead to poor customer retention, higher refunds and chargeback rates, in addition to consumer complaints made to the Attorney General and BB, costing your thousands of dollars and damaging your brand reputation.

As a business owner it does not matter if your sales department is internal or if you have outsourced your sales to another center the importance of quality marketing is always looming over your name.

We offer a way for you to sleep at night without having a fear of someone taking your well branded product and blasting a bad reputation.

Doing a sales verification of a sales call was steamed from high demand of our clients and partners wanting to stop fraud and bad marketing from the root. Cogent Exchange understands the mean of quality sales. Quality sales can lead to long membership consumers and positive reviews and referrals.

Stop paying for Bad Calls. By listening to 100% of your sales calls prior to paying for any sales. This allows you to only pay for the quality sales you are looking for, saving you thousands in marking cost.

Allow a reputable long knowing company; create a Simple Solution to your marketing fears by spot checking your sales calls. We can listen to – 90% – 80% 50% or even just 10% of your sales calls. These Random verifications will keep your sales rooms on its toes and will allow you to express to them the importance of quality without costing you a fortune.


Custom Quality Guidelines

Thru the years of providing sales verification solutions we have come up with a simple easy to integrate solution to any type of consumer.

Thru a calibration we can help set up a quality guideline of standards and expectations you desire from your sales and marketing team. These standards are prepared in an easy format for the agents to understand. Then the Cogent Exchange verification team uses these standards in grading calls.

Easy to understand decline reasons allows the sales team to know why sales are being rejected and allows them to continue their training efforts in the right directions.

Reporting and Feedback for coaching and trends will be sent daily. Creating harmony between the sales room and the quality verification team allows us to stay firm with your expected guidelines but thru experience we can help guide the sales team in a more productive marketing strategy.

Pass Fail Per Product

Running multiple offers, upsales or bonuses can be frustrating to manage. The sales verification is trained to know that each offer has certain guidelines and expectations.

A coding system is set up for reject or flag reasons. These codes are a great solution for large data files or multiple sales calls and allow an easy pull solution for reporting or for file re-submissions.

Flagging calls is a great way to communicate to a sales room that a new trend has started. When a poor marketing strategy begins, these poor marketing tactics can spread like wildfire in a sales room. Stopping these new bad tactics immediately is key in keeping sales and quality at its highest standards.


Easy Integration

Cogent Exchange has created a customized verification system that allows real time secure submission or secures file uploads and allows both the verification team and clients to see quality results instantly. These results are also supplied back for the sales team to train and / or resubmit. We can work in hand with sales centers and fulfillment provides finding easy solutions to verify you have the highest standards of files submission required.

Live Monitoring Option

Live monitoring a sales room is a valuable part of keeping quality standards high. When it comes to reputation of a company’s brand, the integrity of a sale is just as important as a non-sale. Our dedicated team can provide Live Monitor options that can spot check marketing centers and teams. This way you can verify your name and reputation is being held to the highest standards.

Weekly Calibration with Product Provider

“Refer to the source” is a valuable concept and is integrated deep in the roots of All Cogent Exchange employees.

We expect to have ongoing daily or weekly calibrations with all our partners and clients. Knowing and understanding that business patterns, goals and objectives are always changing allows us to be flexible in rolling out updates.

Every Client is given a client manager who communicates, prepares and verifies goals and objectives to all Cogent Teams. Thru this successful stream, no detail is missed and it allows an easy solution for our busy partners.

Detail Agent Reporting

Providing detailed sales agent reporting is an impressive reporting tool we have supplied thru request to many sales centers. Our goal is to not just listen to the calls but provide positive helpful feedback that allows sales managers to find key employees that may need additional help.

Weekly and monthly agent trend reports allows centers to see who has been improving in their quality. This level of detail puts us on the map of being an effective and integral solution to any marketing room.

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