Transcription Services
Cogent offer superior quality transcript delivered in multiple formats suited to your demands at a low competitive cost.

Fast turnaround time (up to 8 hrs for rush jobs)

2-tier or 3-tier quality verification options

Audio or Video Transcription Services

Subtitling and Translation Request

Legal and Medical Transcriptions


There are many reasons why you might want to have transcriptions done, whether it is to avoid disputes or lawsuits, every business or specialized service needs to maintain detailed records of its communications. It is simply impossible to remember every detail discussed, and that’s precisely the reason why transcriptions are important.

We understand the importance of getting it done within short turnaround times. In addition, it is absolutely necessary that accurate documentation of sensitive information is maintained with utmost accuracy. Therefore, companies are able to achieve close to 100% accuracy by outsourcing their key tasks.

In order to achieve high levels of accuracy and quality transcription, we employ a pool of skilled and qualified business transcriptionists who are experienced in transcribing recordings which have a variety of accents and distortions.

Let our skilled Video transcriptionists help you with your timing and verify time stamps are spot on. Moreover, out transcription services are able to handle a wide variety of input file formats and produce output in a variety of customer specified file formats.

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