On average, merchants report losing over $3 billion to online fraud, and chargebacks account for almost 50% of those losses. Not all chargebacks are fraud, and unfortunately, it has become too easy for consumers to dispute card not present transactions. How much can your business realistically recover? Our services help you claim back this loss, and can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars each year. Everyone is claiming there’s, let us help claim yours.


Our services help you claim back 50% – 70% of revenue lost in chargebacks. Success ranges based on your type of offer, product, and target consumers:
1. Organize, respond and dispute chargebacks
2. Respond to retrieval requests
3. Respond to pre-notifications (if provided by your merchant account or third party vendor)
4. Can provide reporting showing:
     a. Visa/MC chargeback % and numbers to help safe-guard your merchant   accounts
     b. Success Rate of win-back
     c. Revenue reclaimed
     d. Create Do Not Call list of these customers
5. Respond to Attorney General Letters
6. Respond to BBB Complaints
7. Respond to Private Attorney Letters
8. Work directly in your to avoid continuing disputes
     a. Flagging Chargebacks
     b. Cancelling any recurring billing
     c. Refunding customers (used primarily for retrieval requests/pre-notifications)


Not only does responding and fighting chargebacks win back a significant % of revenue lost through consumers claiming online fraud, but also provides a better standing with your processor and bank. Any merchant who acknowledges their customer disputes not only shows credibility of business, but also helps you increase your accessibility of acquiring additional merchant bandwidth. By having good processing history and standing, you will find obtaining new merchant accounts quicker and easier. Our services won’t just win back lost income, but also help you to expand your business and generate new.

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