Yes!! You better believe it when we say we been developing and practicing a training process that has been successful not only for our own internal sales and customer service teams but we have also helped partners by guiding and training their administrative teams thru vendors and systems and merchants on all levels for the last 15 years.

Cogent Exchange training courses focus on critical areas as in improving service levels, increasing employee engagement, optimizing operations, and raising the overall value of the products we represent.

We are constantly updating and fine tuning our training to keep pace with the trends and challenges in the industry. Our training courses reflect current and best practices in today’s market.


Happy satisfied employees mean happy satisfied customers. We understand the value of having employees who are eager to go above and beyond to provide great service. How do you get employees like that? Through great coaching. Coaches are made, not born. All of our front-line supervisors and quality employees are promoted from customer service or support this allows them to really understand what it takes to be an agent then they are trained and moulded to be a great coach on their own.

Investing in call center coaching and training services to help supervisors learn critical skills is worth every penny. Cogent Exchange provides contact center professionals – from agents to executives – with the skills to improve service levels, increase employee engagement and raise the overall value of the contact center within their organization.

Scripts and Rebuttals

Allow us to build your scripts and responses based on the experiences we have with other partners in the same vertical. We know what is working and what is not. After a calibration with your client manager all scripting and rebuttals will be sent for your final approval and feedback to verify that your satisfied with the service level offered. Your client manager will verify we meet your service level agreements.

Creating Training Modules

We can help free up your time by building a Training Module for your team. A Training Module is a standardized or self-contained segment that with other such segments constitutes an educational course or training program. A training module is built on a series of carefully designed learning experiences.


Training is a key part of business growth and change. When we approach a new trianing processes with a new product, client or vendor we work close with company heads to verify that we create a systamatic approach. A good system will attack trianing problems and verify we reach the required service levels and goals. We support the “rifle” approach, rather then “shotgun” approach.

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