Cogent Exchange  has a dedicated quality team who listens, grades and verifies we meet and exceed our client’s quality standards. These quality team services are included as a company standard for all of our services.

These services include call evaluations, chat monitoring, email audit results, sales performance and audit results.

All members of the company are focused on motivating employees to step up to a higher quality standard. Each team is given individual goals to reach higher standards of service thru weekly and monthly evaluations and score cards. These scores determine the employee’s standing and benefits.

Call Grade

Calls are monitored either by call recordings or thru live monitoring. These calls are graded and scored. The call can be flagged thru our interactive dashboard platform. Detailed coaching feedback is provided and documented. These results are then given to both the trainers and managers to offer immediate trainings and coaching’s as needed.

These results are also supplied for overall client feedback and reporting. Customized reports and quality needs can be provided based on the demands of the company.

Chat Score

Just like calls chat’s also need to be monitored and graded. Detailed reporting can be supplied showing the amount of chats per hour, the amount of responses and the time taken from each party, the consumer and the agent.

These numbers are combined and generated into an overall agent scores showing both the score of quality and the score of performance.

Sales Performance

An evaluation of the sales teams covers both quality and performance. Results from the Sales verification department verify the agent sales quality standard. The agent is also evaluated by their overall sales performance or sales by hour and conversation of sale. Each of these numbers are monitored closely by the sales manager to optimize and motivate the best performance from the sales team.

Daily and weekly sales trainings are preformed for our Sales Team representatives. This verifies they stay highly motivated can continue to perform high quality conversion of profitable sales.

Email Result

Cogent Exchange supplies quality email production by ensuring the daily and weekly evaluations of the email representative are help at the highest standards. Not only is the performance evaluated but the resolutions and quality of responses are evaluated. These evaluations are given scores that determine the agent level status.

Audit Score

An audit score is created thru the percentages of passes and fails as a result of our audit team member. Audits are done thru our dashboard platform, where the Audit agent can verify each step in a call or email or chat was handled correctly in all systems required. This is an extra benefit we can supply our clients to verify we excel in quality.

Score Card

Score cards are created weekly by each team’s manager. They include a combination of scores from quality, attendance, and productivity time and campaign specific requirements. These campaign specific requirements might include the % of saves or refunds or overall sales. Productivity time includes the amount of time or a call or on a chat. Attendance includes daily attendance but also break times. These scores are generated automatically thru our interactive dashboard platform and saved under the agents performance levels.

These numbers become critical not only for HR annual reviews and for company awards but we have also found it is helpful when creating a team of key players for new project or campaign. We are able to maximize our employees strengths by putting them in departments that excel their strengths.

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