Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture:- Many are marveled by Google’s Office Culture – their ability to engage employees and create a fun environment that makes people excited to come to work. But Google is also an example of something perhaps even more important: how to approach problem-solving at a company.

An example of their strategy to ‘problem-solving’ is clearly shown in the following scenario. As the story is told – in 2002 co-founder Larry Page walked into the office kitchen and hung up printouts of pages featuring results from Google’s AdWords engine. At the top, he wrote – THESE ADS SUCK.

In most companies, this would be seen as cruel – an arrogant executive publicly humiliating his hapless employees for shoddy work – but not at Google,

Satell writes.  In fact, his unusual act was a show of confidence, defining a tough problem that he knew his talented engineers would want to solve.

Page’s tactic worked, and within days Google engineers had improved AdWords, sending the ad engine on its way to becoming the leader in the space. According to Satell, the key was that Page focused on the problem itself, not the people behind it. He shared four different explanations for why this works.