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We are full inbound and outbound call center, supporting clients from logistic companies to online service and product providers.

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We offer a globally competitive customer service services that offers a wide array of practical, up-to-the minute solutions to all your outsourcing demands. Through personalized care and focus on the unique needs of every customer, we can give a service that is fast and reliable. Thru the years our plug in services are distinguishing itself as one of the most-trusted call centers in the U.S., the Philippines and around the world.
what makes us stand out from the rest
Client Manager

Our dedicated client managers work to ensure the success of your campaign. Through years of experience, each client manager is knowledgeable in all major CRMs, and can assist you in anything from recommending the best CRM to fit your offer needs, to creating and building sales campaigns within your current CRM.
Let their industry experience help you learn what metrics are expected from any offer. Refund rates, Pre and Post Cancellation Rates, Conversion Statistics and Chargeback Thresholds: our team can guide you every step of the way, and tell you what others are seeing and have done to remain profitable and successful.


With our intensive training process, it’s important to ensure complete understanding before any of our agents connect with customers. 100% of agents are certified internally by phone simulation, testing them on script and CRM accuracy, product knowledge, and overall performance.

We also allow our clients to pre-screen agents before adding them to your campaign – allowing you to get to know your agents, and select the best for you. You can rest easy knowing you are providing the best possible customer service to your customers. current CRM.

Our Training Process

All agents undergo an in-depth training process before ever taking a call. Agents are trained on all aspects of your CRM, ensuring agent accuracy, in addition to all campaign policies as defined by you. They are also trained in areas of salesmanship, comprehension, articulation and annunciation, as well as in-depth product knowledge, industry background and expected metrics.

Quality Assurance

Advance Systems

  1. 100% Calls Recorded
  2. Easy Web Access to recordings
  3. Dedicated Quality Team and Coaches
  4. Integrated Auditing System
campaign management with 100% call recording available online

All calls are recorded and monitored to ensure that agents are proactively selling your products and services. When we manage your campaigns, we focus on these main areas:

  • Up-selling –maximize your marketing investment by offering optional bonus sales or service at the end of your customer service call.
  • Cross-selling – selling items to accompany products already purchased, not only provides a more satisfied customer but can help retention and overall profit.
  • Membership – informing customers about membership benefits and latest updates for existing members will add value to your underline product.
  • Continuity – presenting customers with offer opportunities to persuade them to continue and renew membership.
  • Keyword Escalation – Listening carefully for critical escalation words and expediting calls to management escalation specialists. This strategy has saved our clients thousands of dollars!
  • Customer inquiries – Obtaining customer opinions about purchases: likes, dislikes and product suggestions. We think customer feedback is priceless!
  • Save A Sale – Use save techniques that actually work, we know your vertical and what actually works for your customers.
  • Capitalize investment – you get more for your dollar when you work with our dedicated team. Your team will include not only agents but client managers, supervisors, shift managers, auditors, trainers and quality support monitors.
onshore, nearshore and offshore support available
Onshore Support
Extended Support Hours
100% US Support
US Managed Team
Nearshore Support
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US Managed Team
US Escalation
Onshore Support
Extended Support Hours
100% US Support
US Managed Team

99.9% up time guarantee

99.9% Uptime

We implement a two-tiered level business strategy, joining both of our centers to deliver the maximum quality and value available for your business. With centers located in both the Philippines and the US, We are able to offer our clients the most cost-efficient solutions and prime optimal customer service available in the industry. Our call centers operate 24/7 and offer robust 99.9% uptime, providing you and your customers with around the clock service protection and campaign management that builds your revenue day and night

Every successful business owner knows the value of quality customer service. FAFS uses the expertise and talent of college educated Filipino and U.S. agents combined with efficient operations management and call center technology to bring our clients a wide range of effective telemarketing and outbound solutions. Our entire management team is US-based and available to facilitate all essential procedures, maximizing your project’s success

Our competitive pricing, dedicated support and US-Managed call centers set us apart from competitors. And with our 99.9% up time guarantee, never lose a customer or sale, again.View Pricing
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